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Here at Matt Godfrey Fitness we adopt a ‘no-stone-left-unturned’ philosophy when it comes to your personal health and fitness goals. We dedicate our time and passion upon helping you go beyond your perception of physical and mental ability and explore new heights in training you didn’t think possible.

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  • Having had Matt as my trainer for just under 6 months about 2 years ago, I was trying to achieve a goal that I was not properly committed to. However, I have recently started training with Matt again and the progress i have made in a shorter time scale has been great! Matt is really helping to isolate and tone certain body areas as well as keep my general fitness and stamina improving. (more…)
    Michelle Spencer
    Dance Teacher/Choreographer
  • Dedication and commitment to making a difference I had struggled for years in motivating myself to consistently train and not realising the importance that nutrition had to play in achieving my target weight and goals. Matt’s drive, passion, energy and commitment to his clients are clear for all those that train with him. Specifically for me, he has re-educated me to what, when and how I eat. (more…)
    Claire Lamb
    Brands Director Lipsy
  • I Highly recommend Matt to anyone seeking a total body make over in muscle building and body fat shredding. His knowledge and careful planning of the training regime and nutrition plan around my work time table and lifestyle was so simple yet highly effective to anything I had previously tried before hand. I noticed considerable change as early as 4 weeks into training, increased size of muscle mass and significant drop in body fat. (more…)
    Ramy El-Madany
  • After years of struggling by myself to change the shape of my body, I contacted Matt for help. During nine months, Matt enthusiastically coached me on everything from exercise routines, weight training programmes to specific dietary advice that resulted in a dramatic change in my body shape. If you’re looking for someone who will be your personal cheerleader, Matt’s the guy!
    Patrick Nunn
    Lecturer in Composition - Royal Academy of Music