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February 1, 2019

If you’re looking to burn stubborn body fat you should try out these gut-busting workouts I have been using religiously on myself and clients over the past year. These exercises are a combination of traditional HIIT and cross fit training and anyone can do them. The best part is you can do them anywhere, any time, with no equipment.

If, like me, you find cardio (or even HIIT) tedious and quite boring then these routines are worth giving a go. They’re set on a target based agenda, meaning you challenge yourself every time trying to beat previous records. Once you have adapted, you then modify the work out so that you are constantly progressing.

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve stopped half way through an abs routine or doing cardio thinking this is such a waste of time and seeing no outcome. I’d look at my abs and see nothing, which then triggers a defeatist’s mentality: stop, there’s no point. Of course it’s worth remembering that 70% of the desired result comes down to nutrition and no matter how good our training is we shall never have flat lean stomachs if our food is rubbish.

Unfortunately we don’t have control over the way our genetics decide to burn fat – but we can certainly manipulate and focus on moving and training certain parts of our bodies that you want to change. That’s why I wanted to share these routine with you: they are a lot more interesting (dare I say fun) when you get into a regime.

Below are some of the routines I have devised and are a good building block to work from. Remember not to get caught in the mindset of repeating the same exercises and activities over a prolonged period of time. These are merely examples and over time you will need to adapt to keep it interesting and catch your body out, that’s the point of these routines. They are to give you inspiration and hopefully you become creative and start making up your own routines based on your body and fitness! Good luck.

Choose 2 workouts example Burpees and sit ups
10 burpees 1 sit
9 burpees 2 sit ups
8 burpees 3 sit ups

Repeat this pattern until you finish on 1 burpee 10 sit ups
Make it a time trial and try to beat previous record the following attempt

Abs cross fit workout
20-50 sit ups
100 skips
100 flutter flicks
100 skips
50 leg raises
100 skips
100 mountain climbers

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