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September 13, 2016
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Genetics of Today

Modern science within genetics really started taking shape in the early 1990s and there are numerous reasons since then as to why it’s a great time to be excited and fascinated by genetics. Not only are we approaching a time where we are understanding life itself, but also discovering ways that benefit us to alter its properties, such as having the ability to correct hereditary diseases and helping us live longer.

When applied to your health and fitness understanding your genetic profile through DNA testing can be revolutionary in helping you improve your life and well being.

Some Features of Our Testing

From food tolerances and anti-oxidant requirements, to macronutrient intake and caffeine and salt requirements, our testing uncovers everything you need to know about what your genes are reacting to. This information allows us to make appropriate changes your diet plan for maximum effect, both short- and long-term.

We also analyse how your body reacts to exercise. We look at the genes associated with training elements such as power, strength and endurance, as well as post-exercise, recovery, and injury risk. From this we can translate the necessary changes to you training regime for peak performance and gain quicker results.

Key Features of Our Testing

One crucial variable that most people will certainly have an interest in is knowing your fat and carbohydrate intake. Not only can we measure exactly how many grams of carbs you would need to fulfil your daily health and fitness requirements, but your sensitivity towards carbs and fats themselves. We can determine how your genotypes react towards things such as carbohydrate metabolism, the rate of glucose shift movement and also insulin sensitivity.

Speaking from personal experience, from this test this piece of information alone was priceless. Depending on what type of training I’d be doing I’ve always had a rough idea of the amount of macronutrients I needed to get me through a day. But my results were slow, sometimes even backwards. I’d feel bloated, sluggish and sometimes even sick. The tests revealed that my saturated fat levels needed to be reduced to 8% from 13%. More importantly though that I was at an increased risk of coeliac disease due to having adverse reactions to gluten in my diet.

Since then I have switched to gluten free oats and reduced my volume of white and sweet potato. I’ve also cut out all saturated fat. The difference in performance and feeling for me has been astonishing, most noticeable in my overall body fat percentage, which has dropped by 6%. This is probably something I wouldn’t have picked up on had I not had my DNA test and it’s a just one tiny piece of my genetic puzzle I wouldn’t have been able to analyse.

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