Michelle Spencer

Michelle Spencer
May 25, 2016
Ramy El-Madany
June 16, 2016

Dedication and commitment to making a difference

I had struggled for years in motivating myself to consistently train and not realising the importance that nutrition had to play in achieving my target weight and goals. Matt’s drive, passion, energy and commitment to his clients are clear for all those that train with him. Specifically for me, he has re-educated me to what, when and how I eat.

Through monitoring my eating habits he compiled personal nutrition plans tailored to my requirements and key targets. He is there every step of the way, going the extra mile finding new novel, innovative approaches to help me achieve what I needed to. He has given me a love for training which now has become part of my life.

My body shape has changed distinctively, I have dropped 2-3 sizes and lost over 15 pounds. His approach to training motivates and pushes me harder than I realised I could nor would ever have achieved without him. Defining muscle definition through weight training as well as teaming high impact cardio has changed my body in places I didn’t think possible.

He looks constantly for new ways to target the body once it gets used to training regimes and as a result training with him is always exciting and fun, not to mention he gives me ideas for me to use when I train on my own.

I would recommend MGF to anyone looking for more than just a personal trainer. Matt gives his all and more and I have no doubt anyone who trains with him will not only achieve their goals but enjoy every moment along the way.