Ramy El-Madany

Michelle Spencer
May 29, 2016
Patrick Nunn
June 16, 2016

I Highly recommend Matt to anyone seeking a total body make over in muscle building and body fat shredding. His knowledge and careful planning of the training regime and nutrition plan around my work time table and lifestyle was so simple yet highly effective to anything I had previously tried before hand. I noticed considerable change as early as 4 weeks into training, increased size of muscle mass and significant drop in body fat.
What made training with Matt particularly enjoyable was his mentoring and tuition skills related to my health and fitness goals; every session I would learn something new about my body and feel more positive about myself and remain focused.

Within a few sessions I felt like he new exactly what worked for my body and adjusted anything that didn’t and his timing of training periodisation and change over really boosted my progression of rewsults I can’t thank him enough.