Michelle Spencer

Michelle Spencer
May 29, 2016

Having had Matt as my trainer for just under 6 months about 2 years ago, I was trying to achieve a goal that I was not properly committed to. However, I have recently started training with Matt again and the progress i have made in a shorter time scale has been great! Matt is really helping to isolate and tone certain body areas as well as keep my general fitness and stamina improving.

The main area that has toned up and improved are my abdominals. My general centre has tightened up with my abs and oblique’s becoming more noticeable. I can also see that my outside hip and upper thigh areas have slimmed/lengthened out, which was one area I have always tried to ignore in my own workouts hoping that it would prevent bulking. Matt has provided me with very specific workouts and exercises that not only target problem areas but make it easier for me to train on my own using correct technique and level of difficulty for my goals.

Matt has been such a great help with regards to my food diet and lifestyle. I feel comfortable with Matt as my trainer to tell him the truth about my eating habits, which has then helped me understand where i have been going wrong. From week to week, my job and working hours can be very different, making eating healthy and at the right times very hard, but Matt‘s advice has definitely helped me focus on what suits my lifestyle.

Within a 1 hour training session, Matt can cover every muscle group in my body but keep me motivated and energised by the end. No two sessions are ever the same, keeping enjoyment and focus levels up which i really appreciate in a workout. I also like how Matt explains which muscle groups each exercise will focus on and how i can use this method when training on my own. He is always driving to get the best out of me and I can really see that the methods and programs I am put through target my specific needs.

I would recommend anyone who is willing to combine general fitness with targeting specific problem areas in one workout. Also those who have a very busy lifestyle and find it hard to not only fit in exercise, but struggle with daily meals and habits that should be improved to aid an overall improvement to their lifestyle. The set up and environment MGF has at zone gym is unbeatable and I urge anyone who wants the best one one one tuition and training to contact Matt now.