Top training and nutrition tips when sculpting muscle

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May 23, 2016
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November 10, 2017

Increase mass, enhanced fat reduction, recovery, tone, strength and endurance and even mental stimulation; these are just some of muscle sculpting goals that the following list below can benefit you during your physical training.

Foam rolling before and after exercise

More research has recently proven that foam rolling before and after exercise can help reduce fatigue and increase strength over a period of training. The idea is that applying this myofascial release technique against pressure points on a targeted muscle group releases the soft tissue called fascia located in the muscle, thereby improving joint range and muscle recovery and flexibility.
Push for that Pump!
That stretched out blown up pump feeling you get during a workout is one you should be constantly aiming for. The pump is an increased overhaul of blood flow being transported to that particular group being targeted.

Taking between 5-15g l-glutamine 30 minutes before exercise and immediately post workout can have a huge impact on protein synthesis and the presentation of muscle breakdown during intense work activity. It is the most common amino acid found, representing over 60% of the skeletal muscle structure, therefore should be a key ingredient always featured in your training


Warm Up Sets: 2x 30-50 reps
Never underestimate the power that warm up sets hold. Just by performing a couple of quick burst 30-50 repititions using light weight you not only raise your body temperature and send oxygen and vital nutrients to the targeted muscle group you are training, but also anabolicaly charge those fibres ready to engage heavier loads later on in the session. Furthermore warm up movements related to your workout will sharpen your central nervous system stimulating your ability to plerform.

One of four structures of the amino acid Carnitine, L-Carnitine is an extremely popular asset among people shredding fat and gaining muscle. Including it within your daily supplementation intake can help you reduce fatigue enabling to lift heavy for longer.
For those trying to shred one of its main functions is the transfer of long chain fatty acids such as triglycerides that will be oxidised and used as energy to burn a greater amount of calories.


Super sets

Stacking back to back exercises targeting the same muscle group is a great way for muscular growth and getting the ultimate pump during exercise. There are a variety of ways to perform super sets but ultimately the principles remain the same, no rest between exercises and aim for similar sets and repetition counts.

Giant Sets

Made up of 4 or more exercises involving a particular muscle group and performed to maximum capability with minimal rest between exercises is proving to be a popular routine for those searching for enhanced weight loss during exercise as well as muscular growth. A useful repetition range would be between 8-12 for maximal muscle stimulation and failure. Take no more than couple minutes bewteeen sets to avoid decrease fat burning cycle and muscle development.
Zinc & Magnesium before bed
By consuming zinc and magnesium before bed you increase your body’s chances of replacing essential minerals used up during intense activity, maintain protein synthesis as well as balance testosterone maintenance levels and support of immune system.

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