When to Burn Body Fat?

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May 16, 2016
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September 13, 2016

We all hear about the latest trends, views and opinions from health and fitness professionals and exercise enthusiasts all over the world arguing just when is the best time to burn body fat? From clientele success stories to the latest scientific research, understanding how you would go about trying to lose body fat at certain points in the day can be confusing to say the least.

Over the last eight years MGF has worked closely with numerous clientele with fat loss being their priority and we can honestly say that there are a variety methods and strategies out there that are highly effective for everyone and we wish to share with you now. Here are some training methods and science for you to read and try out!


10-20 HIIT post weight training

Regarded as the most effective way in burning body fat as the sugar within your blood stream are at an all time low post weight training meaning cardiovascular activity can penetrate fat cells a lot quicker and in greater volume. You decide on the type of HIIT it can be, from 30-60 second intervals on a piece of cardio kit to high explosive circuits on the floor or maybe a more functional approach using battle ropes and suspension training.


Early morning on minimal fuel

With glucose being less present in your blood stream your insulin will target fat cells rather than carbohydrate storage known as glycogen during exercise. You will however need some form of fuel to kick start your energy systems and have some form of metabolic state, therefore a protein shake prior to exercise is recommended, as this prevents muscle breakdown without adding additional volume of sugars which you are trying to burn off in the first place.

The type of cardio effective for this method would depend on a number of variables such as time duration availability, preference of cardio choice and of course genetics and how quickly your body reacts to the exercise.


Long, Low Intensity Cardio Training

The advantage of LLICT – at least 60minutes of cardio is that calories are burnt from fat and the overall amount of burnt calories is relatively high. However, intensity and duration are inversely proportional, so even though the training is longer, the intensity can only be lower at the same time.

Even though this kind of cardio burns more fat than carbohydrates, the burnt amount of calorie per unit is lower and this method has no practical advantages in post-workout metabolic acceleration. This practice is usually recommended for beginners or those who are incapable of sustaining a higher intensity training regime.

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